Name: CH Tempest Toes The Line WD, DD

Birthday: May 1, 2005

Health Clearances: OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA
Heart Cardiologist Normal, Thyroid Normal

Also Known As: Tip, Tipper the Whipper, The Tipster

Loves: Carrying a toy in her mouth


Bad Habits: Incessant barking when forced to WAIT (see above)

Career Highlights:
WB (First Point!), Hockamock KC
WB (3 point major!), West Springfield MA
WB (4 point major!), Wine Country 2010

Bred and Owned By: Steve & Dejah Petsch & Betty McDonnell

Owned By: Steve & Dejah Petsch
Tipper at the 2006 National Specialty with
handler Joanne Brainard.
Unfortunately Tip broke her leg in October 2006 and had to have surgery to re-attach the
medial malleolus of her tibia.  Luckily Tip is such a favorite at the vet hospital that they
decorated her cast with her favorite animal - a squirrel!
Tipper has been a good girl this year (or so she thinks).  Will she get some special
gifts from Santa??
Tipper had long legs, even at 10
Steve and Tipper are READY!
Tipper saves the calling steward on the way to earning her WD!