It takes far more people than one would realize to run a successful show and
breeding kennel.  This page is a special thank you to recognize those who make
Tempest Newfoundlands a winning crew!

Tempest General Manager: Kirsten Tomlinson -
official kennel sitter, feeder, helper,
and organizer - it's amazing how little we can accomplish when Kirsten is not there to
keep us on track

Tempest Beauty Director: Karen Hansen - trimming, combing, brushing, grooming,
handling - Karen does it all and she always looks gorgeous herself while she does it!

Tempest Head of Social Services: Brenda Miele Soares - you would not believe how
often we need Brenda to tell us that we aren't crazy (or are we?)

Tempest Official Photographer: Gayle Littlefield - any time a Tempest Newf is in the
ring, Gayle is taking a beautiful photo!  Thank you Gayle - we couldn't have a great
website without you!

Tempest Puppy Crew: Sam and Margie Petsch - it takes more than two people to
keep an eye on the puppies 24/7 and we absolutely couldn't do it without our official
puppy watchers - thanks Mom and Dad!!!

Tempest Executive Directors at Large: Ashley and Livy - this is an important role
that involves notifying everyone of any squirrels who are at large in the vicinity.  Livy
takes over while Ashley is napping.