Name: GCH Tempest's Kilyka Girl Next Door

Birthday: March 14, 2006

Health Clearances: OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Heart
Cardiologist Normal, Thyroid Normal

Also Known As: Shelbers, Big Dummy, Shelby Shelby

Loves: Barking, jumping, barking while jumping

Hates: Waiting for breakfast

Bad Habits: Incessant barking while waiting for breakfast

Career Highlights:
BOS in Puppy Sweepstakes, Supported Entry, South Shore KC
BOS in Puppy Sweepstakes, Regional Specialty, Cape Cod KC
Best in Puppy Sweepstakes, Regional Specialty, Wine Country
Best in Puppy Sweepstakes, Supported Entry, Hatboro KC
Back-to-Back Best Puppy in Sweepstakes, North Central
Newfoundland Club Back-to-Back Independent Regional Specialties,
March 2007
Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweeps, CT River Working Group (Sat)
Best in Puppy Sweeps, WB, BOW (5 point major), CT River Working
Group (Sun)
Best in Puppy Sweeps, First Place, 12-15 Mos Puppy Bitch Sweeps,
2007 NCA National Specialty
BOB, Group 4, Windham County KC 2008
2010 Top 20 Newfoundland

Bred and Owned By: Steve & Dejah Petsch & Betty McDonnell
Shelby at 7 weeks
Six week old Shelby takes time to
enjoy a new toy.
Shelby at 5 months, photography
by Melanie Carpenter of River
Bear Newfoundlands.
Shelby at 6 months, at one of her
first shows with handler Joanne
A family photo, from left, of Ashley (dam),
Shelby, Renata and Jefferson (sire).
At just six months, a very small Shelby wins BOS in Sweepstakes at the
NCNE Cape Cod Regional Specialty under judge Kathy Hanson.
A mere two weeks later a much taller Shelby wins Best in Sweepstakes at
the Wine Country Regional.  It's amazing how fast pups grow!
Shelby at 9.5 months of age doesn't care to
be stacked...
Andie's handler Karen Friedman fills in to go WB, BOW with
Shelby for a 3 point major at the Saratoga NY KC show under
judge Beverly Capstick.  Too bad poor Steve had to work...
Shelby picked up two more points on Saturday and Sunday in
Hartford, CT by going WB, BOW both days.
Shelby earns her second major at Rockland County KC under
judge Edeltraud Laurin.
Shelby wins Back-to-Back Regional Specialty Best in Sweepstakes at the North Central
Newf Club Independant Regionals in Franklin, WI under Samoyed breeder Jeanne Nonhof
(left) and Newf breeder Wendy Hayman (right)!
Shelby (and Steve) compete with sister Renata (and Karen) in the 12-18 class at CT
River Working Group.  Shelby went on to a Sweepstakes win under judge Steve Dostie,
and WB, BOW for a 5 point major under Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna.
Shelby works her magic on breeder judge Larry Hansen on her way to Best in Puppy
Sweepstakes at the 2007 Newfoundland National Specialty.  Shelby retires from
Sweepstakes without having been defeated by another bitch in NINE Sweepstakes, and
going on to win six of those nine.  Here Shelby is handled by co-owner Betty McDonnell.
Shelby (with Betty on the left) competes with sister Renata (and
Karen, on the right) in the 12-15 Puppy Bitch Sweepstakes class at
the 2007 National.  They went on to 1st and 2nd place in the class!
Betty smiles as Shelby wins the Puppy Sweepstakes.  Thanks to Pam
Saunders for the wonderful photo of Shelby on the move!
Shelby doesn't have the holiday spirit this year.  Santa just told her
she would be getting coal in her stocking again.
Shelby competes in BOB at the 2008 National with handler Ingrid
Lyden.  She made it to the final cut of 7 girls!
Steve and Shelby wait to take their turn in the NCA's Inaugural
Breeder's Class.
Shelby poses in the final line-up for BOB at the 2008 National
Specialty.  Thanks to Chad Perry for the great photo!