Name: Kiredor's The Mighty Quinn CD, DD, WRD,

                    Oct 12, 1997- November 12, 2009
taken from us too soon by osteosarcoma
       rest in peace Quinner, you will be greatly missed

Health Clearances: OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Heart
Cardiologist Normal, OFA Cystinuria Clear

Also Known As: Quinner Lou, Quinner Pie

Loves: Belly rubs, swimming, agility

Hates: Getting left at home

Bad Habits: None (Okay, tearing apart the trash when left home -
see above)

Career Highlights:
1st Place Novice A Obedience, 2001 National Specialty
3rd Place Open A Obedience, 2002 National Specialty
1st Place Rally Advanced, 2002 National Specialty

Bred By: Linda & Stacy Roderick
Owned By: Steve & Dejah Petsch
Quinner gets big air as he leaps from the boat on the WRD Rescue Handler exercise.
Quinner exits the chute during an agility run.
Quinner makes a big splash en route to retrieving his paddle.
Quinner flies through the weave poles as the drool streams out of his mouth.