It's hard not to love pictures of puppies, so here are a few for everyone to enjoy...
Finley X Kilyka's Sugar 'N Spice of Bluwater
(litter owned by Bluwater Newfoundlands)
Finley X Amity's In Good Company
(litter owned by Amity Newfoundlands,
Amity's Jersey Boy, "Griffin" owned by Allyson Hurst)
Livy X Christopher
DOB: 5/29/07
The 7 Livy X Christopher puppies at 1 day old.
The puppies are getting bigger and are now 10 days old!
Livy X Christopher puppies - 3 weeks old!
Bodhi X CH Nashau-Auke's Taming Of The Sioux "Tammy"
(litter owned by Nashau-Auke Newfoundlands)
puppies pictured at 4 weeks of age
Kendra X CH Kilyka's Fireside Black Fire "Monk"
(litter owned by Legacy Newfoundlands,
Legacy's Sir Lucan Of Camelot "Lucas" pictured at 7 months, owned by
Vu Nyugen, Gregory Dotzman and Linda Morley-Roser)
Lucas photos by Michelle Alpern