Name: CH Pouch Cove's Any Port In A Storm (this is
a Portuguese Water Dog!)

Birthday: June 12, 2005

Health Clearances: OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Normal, CERF 06, 07

Also Known As: Water Dog, Portuguese, Portie Thing, the WEENIE

Loves: Snuggling

Hates: Baths

Bad Habits: Stealing tissues

Career Highlights:
BOS in Sweepstakes, Greenwich KC PWD Regional Specialty, 2006
WB (1st point), Pioneer Valley KC, 2006
WB, BOW (2 points) Greater Lowell KC
WB, BOW (2 points) Saratoga NY KC
WB, BOW (3 point major!), Great Barrington KC
WB, BOW (4 point major!), Eastern DC

Bred By: Peggy Helming & Milan Lint
Owned By: Dejah Petsch & Milan Lint & Peggy Helming
Portia (on the left) is WB, BOW, while Brita (on the right) was BOS
under judge George Marquis.  Thanks to the Thibault Junior handler
team of Joanne and Jessica!
Portia free-baiting in the ring - a pretty outline!  Photo by Kenneth
Reed Photography.
Portia wins her first major going WB, BOW under judge Karen Billings
with handler Joanne Thibault.