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12/31/07 The Tempest Newfs and Portia wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a great New
Year in 2008!  2007 was another wonderful year - Andie ended the year as the #1 Newfoundland
bitch Breed/All-Breed and 8 Ashley kids finished their Championships in 2007.  The Ashley kids
also earned 10 working titles, and Tempest's first VN - what a great year!

12/8/07 Portia won a 4 point major to complete her Championship, going WB, BOW at the
Eastern Dog Club show under judge Anitra Cuneo.  Go weenie girl!  Portia won all her points
handled by junior handler Joanne Thibault.  Joanne is the #1 PWD junior handler in the country!

11/24/07 Trident won a 4 point major by going WD, BOW at the Windham County KC show
under judge Charles Olvis!  Trident now needs just one major to finish!  Ben was RWD at his
very first dog show!

11/23/07 Tanner picked up the last two points needed to complete his Championship on Friday
at the Thanksgiving Classic Cluster under judge Jay Richardson.  Trident was RWD.

11/11/07 Renata earned her DD on the second day of the NPD Draft Test, while Trident earned 2
more points at the Souhegan KC show in Fitchburg, MA by going WD, BOW under judge Peter

11/10/07 Andie earned her DD at the New Pen Del Draft Test in PA, while much farther south,
Phoenix earned his DD and completed the requirements for his VN in sunny Florida!!!!  
Congratulations to Donna and Phoenix on Tempest's first VN! Back in New England, Trident won a
BBE Group 4 in Fitchburg, MA under breeder judge Roger Frey - a busy weekend for all!

11/2/07 Andie was BOB under judge Terry Hundt at the Mohegan Sun Challenge Dog Show.

10/28/07 Tanner picked up another single point at the Albany KC show under judge Ralph Graff.  
Andie was BOS.

10/14/07 Andie was BOS both Saturday and Sunday at the Harvest Cluster dog shows in Augusta,
NJ.  On Sunday at the New-Pen-Del Supported Entry, Louie was RWD to a major!

10/12/07 Happy Birthday to Quinner!  He turns 10 years old today!

10/6/07 Phoenix earned his WRD at the SENC Water Test in South Carolina under judges
Maredith Reggie and Barbara Hearn.  Congratulations to Phoenix and handler Donna Smith on this
wonderful accomplishment - Phoenix is just over 18 months old and he has earned 5 titles in
2007 (CH, CD, WD, WRD and RN).  Phoenix needs just one more title to qualify for the Versatile
Newfoundland Award.

9/30/07 Shirley was Best of Opposite Sex Puppy at the NCNE Fall Fun Match, while Sonja took
2nd in their class of five 3-6 month old puppies.  Roger (aka Mr Red) also won his 3-6 mos puppy
class, and Ben took second place in Novice Adult his first time in the ring!

9/29/07 Andie won BOB under judge Michael Woods at the Suffolk County KC show in Oyster
Bay, NY and Jackson won the Puppy Working Group his first time out in the ring at the AKC
Educational Match in Clinton, NJ.  Jackson is only 4 months old today!

9/23/07 Renata earned her WD at the New-Pen-Del water test at Beltzville State Park - go
Renata!  Finley also came very close to earning his title - he'll get it for sure next time.

9/21/07 Ashley and Bradley (Seabrook's Best Man at Pouch Cove) welcomed a daughter (Kelly) by
c-section.  Both Ashley and Kelly are doing well.

9/9/07 Tanner was WD at the Somerset Hills KC show in Bridgewater, NJ under breeder judge
Debra Thornton for a point, and WD, BOW at the Westchester KC show on Sunday under Chris
Walkcowicz for another single.  Tanner now has 12 points!  Andie was BOB on Friday and
Saturday and BOS on Sunday.  Portia PWD was WB on Sunday under judge Beth Sweigert for 2
more points!  Portia and her handler Joanne Thibault put on an amazing show in the 90 degree
heat to beat out 8 other lovely PWD girls.  Portia now has 13 points and just needs a major to

9/1/07 Tanner was WD at the Newton KC show in Augusta, NJ under judge Edna Katie Gammill
for his third major (in two weekends!).  Andie was BOS.

8/26/07 Tanner was WD on Friday (under Albert Holabach), and WD, BOW (under Donald
Carmody) on Sunday for 2 majors at Elm City Kennel Club and Great Barrington KC!  Brothers
Trident and Louie had some good luck at the shows as well; Louie was RWD on Thursday and
Saturday, and Tri was RWD on Friday and Sunday.  Thanks to Rick Krieger for showing Tanner to
his wins, and Karen Friedman for showing Louie.  Tri was shown by Steve in the BBE class.
The other big excitement of the weekend was Portia PWD's first major win!  Portia was WB,
BOW under Karen Billings for a 3 point major!  She now has 11 points and needs just one more
major to finish.  Congrats to her wonderful handler Joanne Thibault!

8/18/07 The Tempest crew had a wonderful time at the NCNE Water Test.  Bodhi and Phoenix
both passed the Junior division and brought home Water Dog titles!  Congratulations to Cathy
Gibson and Donna Smith on their excellent training and handling!

8/17/07 Louie was WD Friday for another point at the Wachusett KC show under judge Meredith
Johnson-Snyder!  Andie was BOS.

8/11/07 While the rest of the Tempest crew took a weekend off, Sneakers picked up a 3 point
major in Harrisburg, under judge Paul Willhauck.  Congrats to Sneakers and owner-handler Kandy

8/5/07 Trident was WD Saturday and Sunday at the Pioneer Valley and Cheshire KC shows for
two more points!  Andie was BOS both days, and Tipper was RWB on Saturday.

7/21/07 Andie was BOB again on Saturday at Putnam KC under Dr. Anthony DiNardo, while Finn
was WD, BOS for his final point for his Championship!  Finn earned all of his points
owner-handled by Kirsten Tomlinson.  Congrats to both Finn and Kirsten on this huge

7/20/07 Andie was BOB on Friday at Putnam KC under judge Madeline Fish, while Louie earned
his first point, going WD, BOS!

7/8/07 Andie was BOS on Thursday and Friday at the Yankee Classic, and on Sunday again went
BOB under judge Charlotte McGowan.

7/5/07 Andie was BOB at Farmington Valley KC under judge Rita Biddle and Sneakers won his
very first point at the Cactocin KC show!  Sneakers was handled by owner Kandy Adams.  
Congrats to Kandy and Sneakers!

7/4/07 Finn was WD, BOW at the Naugatuck KC show under judge Elena Spector.  Finn now has
just 1 point to go!  Andie was BOS.

7/1/07 Finn was WD, BOW at the Wampanoag KC show under judge Phil Marsman.  Finn now has
just 2 points to go!  Portia was WB, BOW for another point under George Murray.

6/30/07 Trident was WD, BOW for one point at Hockamock KC under judge Albert Holabach and
Tipper was WB from the BBE class for her first point!  Tipper earned her first point 8 months
after breaking her leg in October.  After a slow, careful recovery, she is doing very well.  Portia
was WB, BOW for a point as well under Albert Holabach with Joanne Thibault handling.  Huge
thanks to Joanne for handling, grooming and conditioning Portia to make her "Portie Perfect".

6/29/07 Mark was WD, BOW, BOB over specials both days at the Warren County KC of OH show
under judges Alvin Krause and John Landis.  On Thursday Mark went on to a Group III under judge
Doris Cozart.  Not bad for a 15 month old boy - Congratulations Mark!!

6/23/07 Bear Mtn Regional Specialty, New Paltz, NY

- Renata was Winners Bitch from the 12-18 mos class for a 5 point major to finish her
Championship under Patricia Gellerman! Renata was also Best of Opposite Sex in the Puppy
Sweepstakes under breeder judge Lynne Anderson!  Renata was handled by Karen Friedman.
- Finn was Reserve Winners Dog, and 2nd place in the Open Dog class, handled by owner Kirsten
- Grover took 1st Place in 15-18 mos Puppy Dog Sweeps and 3rd Place in the 12-18 mos Regular
Dog Class with handler Karen Friedman.
- Sneakers took 2nd place in the 15-18 mos Sweeps and 4th in the 12-18 mos Regular class, owner
handled by Kandy Adams!
- Trident won the BBE dog class, and Tipper took 3rd place in the BBE bitch class, of course both
were handled by Steve!
- Andie was BOS at the Regional Specialty under Patricia Gellerman, as well as the two previous
days, under Thomas Squicciarini, and Karen McFarlane.

6/22/07-6/23/07 Phoenix was WD, BOW two days in a row in Orlando Florida for a 3 and a 4
point major!  Phoenix was owner handled both days by Donna Smith, and is now a new
Champion!  Phoenix finished with 4 majors - way to go Phoenix!!

6/17/07 Renata was WB and Finn was WD, BOW on both Saturday and Sunday at Topsfield, MA.  
The judges were Stanley Saltzman and Edeltraud Laurin.  Andie was BOS Friday, Saturday and
Sunday!  Mark was WD, BOW, BOB both days at the Echo Hills KC of OH show under judges Sulie
Greendale-Paveza and Evie Sullivan.  Way to go Mark!!

6/2/07 Renata was WB, BOW for her first major at the Ladies Dog Club show in Wrentham, MA
under judge Judith Goodin.  Andie was awarded BOS both Saturday at Ladies, and on Sunday at
Framingham District KC under Klaus Anselm.  On Sunday Trident was also Reserve Winners Dog - a
good weekend for everyone!

5/29/07 Livy had 7 puppies by C-section this morning - there are 5 boys and 2 girls, all black!  
The puppies are out of Christopher (CH Sunvalley Petitions Pouch Cove).

5/28/07 Finn was WD, BOW for another point at the Union County KC show in Freehold, NJ
under judge John L Ronald.  Finn now has 10 points!  Mark was also WD, BOW on Monday at the
Cincinnatti KC show under judge Pat Hastings.  Not bad for his third show ever!

5/27/07 Abby was WB, BOW for her third major, and her Championship at the Plainfield KC
show under judge LT Haverstock.  Abby finished her Championship breeder/owner handled by
Betty McDonnell in just 9 days of showing, with 3 majors.  Abby's new CH also gives her mother
Ashley the last point needed to earn her ROM (pending NCA approval).

5/26/07 Abby was WB, BOW for three more points (her second major!) at the Monmouth KC
show in Freehold, NJ under judge Shirley Limoges.  Phoenix picked up another single point in
TN, owner handled by Donna Smith!  Congratulations Abby and Phoenix!

5/25/07 Finn was WD, BOW for two more points at the Staten Island KC show in Freehold, NJ
under judge Phyllis Wolfish.

5/13/07 It was a great Mother's Day for Ashley as Bodhi again went WD and BOW to complete his
Championship at the Windham County KC Dog Show in Woodstock, CT!  Bodhi earned his final
major in tough competition under breeder judge May Bernhard.  Thanks to Robin Seaman and
Rebecca Carner for showing Bodhi to his CH!  Andie again was BOS, with Steve handling.

5/12/07 It was a good day for the Tempest Newfs at the St Hubert's KC Dog Show in North
Stonington, CT!  Bodhi was WD and BOW for 2 more points!  Bodhi now just needs one major to
finish his CH!  Shelby was WB for the last point needed to finish her Championship just 2 days
before she turns 14 months old.  Andie was BOS, with Steve standing in for Karen so she could
celebrate her birthday (without Andie??) Thanks to judge Rolland Pelland for a great day!

5/6/07 Kaili took 2nd place in an All-Breed Tail Wagging Contest at the Annual Dog Cancer walk
in her area.  Go Kaili!!

4/30/07-5/6/07 Newfoundland National Specialty, Boulder, CO

- Andie won a Select under BOB judge Judith Goodin!  Andie was beautifully shown by handler
Karen Friedman.
- Phoenix finished his RN title on Monday with a First Place!  He also picked up a Rally Advanced
leg on Tuesday!
- Renata took 2nd Place in 12-15 mos Puppy Bitch Sweeps and 1st in the 12-18 mos Regular Bitch
Class with handler Karen Friedman.
- BJ took 4th Place in her 12-15 mos Puppy Bitch Sweeps class with handler Ingrid Lyden.
- Grover took 4th Place in 12-15 Puppy Dog Sweeps and 3rd Place in the 12-18 mos Regular Dog
Class with handler Ingrid Lyden.
- Finn won the Bred-By-Exhibitor dog class for the second year in a row with handler Betty
- Mark (owned by Ken and Karen Dunaway) won both the 12-15 mos Sweeps and 12-18 mos
Regular class and went on to Best of Opposite Sex in the Puppy Sweepstakes handled by Joanne
- Shelby won the 12-15 mos Puppy Bitch Sweeps class and went on to Best in Puppy
Sweepstakes, both under breeder judge Larry Hansen!!  Shelby was handled by her co-owner
Betty McDonnell.

4/29/07 Bodhi picked up another point by going WD, BOW at South County KC in Warwick, RI.  
Only 4 more points to go!!

4/20/07 Renata was WB at the Springfield KC show for two more points under judge Ken Buxton!
 Andie was BOS.

4/19/07 Finn became a daddy again - 3 girls and 1 boy, all black, were born at Amity
Newfoundlands.  Mommy Isabel is doing very well.

4/14/07 & 4/15/07 NCNE had it's first ever Back-to-Back 2 day Draft Test weekend, and it was
an excellent one for the Tempest Newfs!  On Saturday, Bodhi earned his DD with handler Cathy
Gibson with a nearly flawless performance.  Bodhi's brother Finn forgot how to back his cart on
Saturday, so he had the distinction of being the only dog to pass on Sunday in the mixture of
rain, snow and sleet we saw in Ashford.  Congrats to both of the boys on their new titles!

4/14/07 Phoenix was WD, BOW for another three point major at the Atlanta KC show in Perry,
GA under judge John L Ronald!!

4/8/07 Happy Easter from the Tempest Newfs!  Renata was WB, BOW at the Great Barrington KC
show for two more points under judge Rolland Pelland!  Andie was BOB and made the cut in the
Working Group.

4/7/07 Renata was RWB, and Finn was RWD at the Troy KC show under Ruby Hertz, while Andie
was BOB.

4/6/07 Renata was WB, BOW at the Trap Falls KC show for another point!  Andie was BOB - both
wins were under judge Steven Gladstone.

4/1/07 OK, it's April Fools Day, but I promise that I will list only true and accurate news...  
Phoenix was WD, BOW for a three point major at the Douglasville KC of Georgia show in
Newnan, GA under judge Houston Clark!!  Congratulations to Phoenix and owner Donna Smith!  A
few hundred miles north in NJ, Abby was WB for another point from the BBE class with
breeder/owner/handler Betty McDonnell.

3/31/07 Phoenix was WD for his first point at the Newnan KC show in Newnan, GA under judge
Roger Hartinger!  A few hundred miles north in NJ, Finn's second litter of pups was born at Amity
Newfoundlands.  Courtney had 7 black puppies, 4 girls and 3 boys and all are doing well!

3/24/07 Finn was WD, BOW for his second major at the New Brunswick KC show under judge
Ruth Zimmerman.  Andie was BOS yet again!  Congrats to Finn and owner handler Kirsten

3/23/07 Abby went to her very first dog show on Friday with co-owner/handler Betty McDonnell
and went WB for a 4 point major from the BBE class.  That's not a bad way to start her show
career!  Andie was BOS, also under judge Kathleen Steen.

3/18/07 On Sunday Shelby and Grover swapped and Shelby won the Puppy Sweeps under PWD
breeder Steve Dostie, while Grover went Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweeps.  In the regular
classes, Grover was again Best Puppy, while Shelby had her chance for the 5 points by going
WB, BOW under judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna.  Andie was again BOS over more than 30
bitches.  Grover wrapped up an unbelievable weekend with another Puppy Working Group 1
under judge Fred Ferris!

3/17/07 In spite of the snow and ice, we made it to the CT River Working Group show on
Saturday morning and it was lucky we did since it turned out to be Grover's big day, just 3 days
from his first birthday.  Grover won the Puppy Sweeps under Boxer/Doberman breeder Brad
Dunn, while Shelby went Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweeps.  In the regular classes, Grover was
WD, BOW and Best Puppy for a 5 point major, while Shelby went RWB under judge Norm
Kenney. In addition, Bodhi won the Open Class and went on to RWD!  Andie was BOS and the
judge awarded Grover one of 2 AOM's offered by the CT River club!  Grover's good luck
continued when Norm Kenney was also the judge of the Puppy Working Group and awarded
Grover the Puppy Working Group 1!

3/11/07 Andie went BOB under Jean Fournier at the Sawmill KC show.  She made the cut in a
tough Working Group under Madeline Fish, but did not place.

3/2/07 Team Bearble made the LONG trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the North Central Newf
Club's Back-to-Back Regional Specialties.  Shelby and Grover went along with Andie to enjoy the
wind and snow in early March in WI.  Shelby was Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at both Regionals
under judges Jeanne Nonhof and Wendy Hayman.  Grover won his Regular Class on Friday under
judge Jean Fournier and was considered for WD with the Bred-By and Am Bred class winners.  
Grover also won his Sweeps class on Saturday under Judge Wendy Hayman and was considered
for Best of Opposite in Sweeps along with the 15-18 month old puppy boy.  Finally, in VERY
tough competition, Andie was BOS at both Regionals under Friday judge Jean Fournier and
Saturday judge Jane Haefner.  Congratulations to all the other winners, including Back-to-Back
BOB winner CH Skipper's Eminence King of Helluland (aka Lincoln)!

2/25/07 Finley earned his first major on Sunday under judge Edeltraud Laurin with owner Kirsten
Tomlinson handling him!  Shelby was WB, BOW for her second major, and Andie was BOB all
three days of the weekend, and earned a Group 2 under Donald Gill on Sunday.

2/18/07 Shelby was WB, BOW for another point at the First Company Gov Footguard show in
Hartford, CT.  Andie was BOB under judge Robert Caswell, and she was joined the Working
Group by Joanne Thibault and her PWD Brita!  Nice work girls!

2/17/07 Shelby was WB, BOW for another point at the Elm City KC show in Hartford, CT.  Portia
was RWB to a major in PWDs with handler Joanne Thibault.  Andie was BOS, all under Ralph
Ambrosio.  Many miles away in South Carolina Phoenix earned his third leg and CD on Feb 16th,
and then won Highest Scoring Newf at the SENC Supported Entry on Saturday!  Excellent job

2/2/07 Portia picked up two more points by going WB, BOW at the Saratoga NY KC show under
judge Beverly Capstick.  Thanks to Portia's handling team of Joanne and Jessica Thibault!  Shelby
was WB, BOW for her first major and Andie was BOS, also under Beverly Capstick.  Andie also
picked up another BOS win on Saturday under John Reeve-Newson.

1/15/07 On Monday in spite of rain and ice, the show went on and Andie went BOB for the third
day in a row, this time under judge Susan Catlin and was awarded a Group 4 by judge Robert
Vandiver.  A great start to the new year!

1/14/07 On Sunday at Merrimack Valley KC, Trident was Reserve Winners Dog in a strong entry,
Shelby was Reserve Winners Bitch and Andie was BOB and went on to a Group 2, all under judge
Joe Gregory.  Joanne Thibault and her PWD Brita also won Best Junior Handler so it was an
excellent day for all!

1/13/07 Portia earned two more points at the Greater Lowell Kennel Club show with handler
Joanne Thibault!  Andie was BOB over two male specials under judge Ed Lyons.