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5/2/11 - 5/7/11 NCA National Specialty
    The Tempest Crew had a GREAT week in Frankenmuth, MI:
       - Quincy picked up his DD handled by Todd Bennett, earning his Mom Renata her ROM!
       - Not to be outdone, Dottie earned her DD handled by Brenda Miele Soares!
       - Ashley, Renata and Sabina won the Maturity Class!
       - Jackson was 2nd place in the Stud Dog Class with Sabina and Kendall!
       - Renata was 2nd place in the Brood Bitch Class with Sabina and Kendall!
       - Ashley and Andie were both 3rd place in their Veteran Sweeps classes.
       - Millie and Clash were both 3rd place in their Regular and Puppy Sweeps classes!
       - Andie won a 2nd place ribbon in the regular Veterans Class.
       - Kelsey won a 4th place ribbon in the American Bred Class.
       - Skipjack won a 3rd place ribbon in the American Bred Class.
       - Mark won a 3rd place ribbon in the Working Dog Class.
       - Jess and KELLYE won the Open Senior Class in Junior Showmanship!
       - Emma and LIVY won a 2nd place ribbon in Junior Showmanship!
       - DOTTIE won the AKC Grand Champion Select for 5 Grand Champion Points (and 2nd
Best Bitch in the Show) under judge Lawrence Stanbridge.  Thank you to Karen Mammano
for showing Dottie and to Karen Hansen for making her look her adorable best!

5/1/11 Kelsey picked up 2 more points going WB, BOW in Birch Run under judge Robert E Fetter!

4/30/11 Kelsey won another point going WB at the Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County show
under judge Jim Briley!

4/24/11 Sabina won a third BOS ribbon on Sunday at the South Windsor KC show under judge
Robert Slay.  Andie was Best Veteran Newf and won a Veteran Group 2!  A great weekend for all
the Tempest Crew!

4/23/11 On Saturday at the Pioneer Valley KC show Sabina was again BOS, while Bridget was
WB, BOW, and Best Bred-By Exhibitor under judge Judy Harrington.  Bridget went on to a BBE
Group 3 win!  Bridget's brother Sawyer was WD!!

4/22/11 Sabina was BOS, and Millie was WB, Best Puppy under breed judge Marie Ann Falconer
and Millie went on to a Puppy Working Group 1!

4/10/11 On Sunday, Sabina was BOS, and Bridget was WB, BOW for 2 pts at the Great Barrington
KC show under judge Ken Buxton.

4/9/11 Sabina picked up another Breed win at the Troy KC show under judge Mildred Bryant.

4/8/11 Sabina won BOB, and a Working Group 1 at the Trap Falls KC show under judge Linda
Krukar!  GO Sabina!!

3/26/11 Zydeco won his 3rd major, this time for 4 points from the 9-12 puppy dog class!  
Zydeco was WD, BOW under judge Patricia Laurans in Fort Worth, TX!

3/20/11 Ramble earned a TD handled by owner Cherrie Brown!  Ramble is the first Tempest
Newf to earn a tracking title.  GO Ramble!!

3/19/11 Trident won an AOM/Select Dog and Sabina won AOM/Select Bitch at CT River Working
Group under breeder judge Lynne Anderson.  Agnes was Best Puppy and made the cut in a tough
Puppy Working Group.  Sabina also got an AOM on Sunday under judge Jean Fournier!

3/12/11 Tipper earned her DD at the NCNE Winter Draft Test handled by Dejah under judges
Keith Mallinson and Edie Koster.  Dottie and Skipjack did a great job and came very close to
passing too!  In much warmer weather in Dallas, TX, Zydeco did it again, winning a second major
from the 6-9 puppy dog class!

3/11/11 Zydeco won his first points with a 4 point major going WD, BOW and BOS over a special
in Dallas, TX!  Z was handled by Gerry Thornton.

2/20/11 Quincy was BOB under judge Cathy Daugherty while Sabina was Select Bitch and Bridget
was WB and BOW!  Agnes was Reserve Winners Bitch!

2/19/11 Trident was Select Dog and Sabina was Select Bitch at the Elm City KC dog show under
judge Jackie Rayner.

2/15/11 Trident won an AOM at the Westminster KC dog show under judge Burton Yamada.  Tri
was handled by junior handler Joanne Thibault who also won Best Junior Handler at the show
with her PWD Brita.

1/20/11 Jordee was Select Bitch at the PNNC Regional Specialty in Portland, OR under breeder
judge Diane Price.  Lara won the 6-9 puppy bitch class at her first dog show!

1/17/11 Quincy was BOB his first day out as a special under judge Adrian Woodfork.  Sabina was
BOS and Millie was again WB.  Sawyer was WD, BOW and Trident was Select Dog!  An all
Tempest BOB class :)

1/16/11 Sabina won BOB in Fitchburg, MA, while Trident was BOS and Millie was WB, BOW under
judge Gay Kuehnel-Hisatake.

1/15/11 Sabina was BOB and won a Group 3 in Fitchburg, MA under Dr Ronald Spritzer!

1/9/11 Walter was Select Dog at the KC of Palm Springs on Sunday under judge Judith Daniels.

1/8/11 Jordee was BOS and Walter was Select Dog at the KC of Palm Springs under judge Lianne

1/7/11 Jordee was Select Bitch at the NCSC Regional Specialty in Indio, CA under judge Sylvia

1/1/11 Happy 2011 from the Tempest Crew!!

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