Name: Tempest's Always A Bridesmaid

Birthday: August 29, 2008

Health Clearances: none yet

Also Known As: Bristol Bear

Theme Song: "Bristol Bear Has Poop In Her Hair" - don't ask

Loves: Chasing Critter and grabbing her by the tail

Hates: Nothing yet

Bad Habits: Getting poop in her hair - see above

Career Highlights:
2009 National Specialty - 3rd 6-9 Sweeps, 2nd 6-9 mos puppy

Bred By: Steve & Dejah Petsch & Betty McDonnell

Owned By: Al & Sue Beausoleil
Bristol at 9 weeks of age
Isn't she a cutie??
Bristol and Steve strike a pretty pose at the 2009 National where Bristol
placed 3rd in the 6-9 mos puppy sweeps class and 2nd in the 6-9 mos
regular puppy class.
Bristol shows off her pretty side gait as she moves up in line at the 2009
National.  Thanks to Kim Wilcox for the great Bristol photos!
Two more pretty shots of Bristol taken by Tempest's Official
Photographer Gayle Littlefield!
Bristol on vacation at the beach in NH!