About Newfs

Newfoundlands are a wonderful breed of dog, but they are definitely not for everyone.  
Newfoundlands are large (100-140 lbs!) black hairy dogs who shed and drool all over your
clothing and your house.  You can visit the AKC standard of the Newfoundland here:
Newfoundland Standard.  The standard is the blueprint designed by the Newfoundland Club of
America to describe exactly what a Newfoundland dog should be like.  You can also find a great
deal of information about Newfs on the Newfoundland Club of America website which can be
found here:
NCA Website.
If you live in the Northeast, please visit the Newfoundland Club of New England's web page
NCNE Website.  There is a calendar listing of all of the upcoming New England Newf
events which is very helpful for meeting Newfs and their owners.